An Out-of-the-Ordinary Resume

In high school I learned Latin and Ancient Greek, as an undergraduate at university I studied relativity theory and quantum mechanics, as a postgraduate student I became interested in journalism, and as a research student I ended up investigating the history of science and technology. With this wealth of knowledge, I have worked as a physics tutor, journalist, press officer, and academic researcher in Italy, Great Britain, and Germany. Now that I have learned coding and data science, I am curious to see what I will do next.


My research domains are the history of statistics, computing and information technologies, and their application to 20th-century life sciences, agriculture, and environmental studies.


Experienced communicator with a track record of publications (from popular magazines to peer-reviewed scientific publications) and talks delivered to international audiences.

Data Projects

With SQL and Python I have built projects to manage, analyse, and visualise the data I collected in my research.

A few words about me


I hold a degree in theoretical physics from the University of Pavia (2003), a master in science communication from the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste (2005), a MSc in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology from Imperial College London (2009), and a PhD in Science, Technology, and Humanities from the University of Bologna (2013). For the past ten years I have been working as an academic researcher, but it is now time to turn a new page and use the skills I have acquired in data analysis and visualisation to begin a data career.